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Dr. Renee Horowitz in Esquire Magazine! October, 2012

Recently, Dr. Renee Horowitz was quoted in Esquire Magazine. See link below for the entire article.

By: Stacey Grenrock Woods

Published in the October 2012 issue

Do climax creams make women’s orgasms better?

They work wonders on nail fungus, I can tell you that much. “Female sexual enhancement products,” as they prefer to be called, can, it seems, make women’s orgasms better. They do this by increasing the blood flow to the genital area, which makes arousal less of a hassle. Many are made up primarily of botanical oils or extracts, but some, like K-Y intense, use propylene glycol, a component found in some face creams that, in my experience, really gets you off. “Men can use them, too,” says gynecologist and obstetrician Dr. Renee Horowitz. “It’ll increase the sensation.” You might want to spread a little on your toast in the morning.

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“My entire career, I’ve seen women who think their sexual issues are uncommon, unusual or untreatable, and that’s simply not the case,” said Dr. Horowitz, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist for over 25 years. “And, unfortunately, many gynecologists don’t have the time to tackle those concerns, especially if women are hesitant to speak up. I created the Center for Sexual Wellness because I want women to have a place to get the help they need to have the sex life they want.”

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