Center for Sexual Wellness | Services Center for Sexual Wellness addresses a host of women’s health issues related to female sexual dysfunction.  While there can be a wide range of causes and symptoms, there are also medical treatments that can, in most cases, help women resolve these issues so that they can once again enjoy fulfilling, satisfying sex lives.

Common Complaints and Symptoms include:

  • Painful sex
  • Low desire/Low sex drive
  • Arousal difficulties
  • Difficulties achieving orgasm

Common Causes may include:

  • Medications (such as antidepressants or high blood pressure medicines)
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Stress
  • Menopause and aging
  • Chronic illness (such as neurological conditions)
  • History of sexual abuse
  • Relationship issues

Treatment Protocols may include:

  • Changes to medications/dosages
  • Psychological therapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Surgery
  • Pelvic floor exercises

“I am a 58 year old divorced female and contacted Dr. Horowitz for both physical and mental sexual symptoms. I had low sexual desire and pain with intercourse. At our first visit, she suggested an estrogen ring for the vaginal discomfort.

Within two weeks of inserting the ring, I was feeling moistness in my vagina, and mentally I was more able to be sexually aroused.

We also discussed many other sexual issues. Thanks to her knowledge and support, I am feeling and doing much better.”